If you are looking for a mechanical road sweeper or a deeper cleaning service, passion can help a great deal. Our range of mechanical sweepers are suited to most requirements and we have extensive experience of providing operated sweeping services in all environments. With a customer-focused service and competitive prices, Passioneyes Limited provide total street and hard service cleaning services. Our sweepers are designed to transform a complete range of surfaces, including tarmac, black paving, concrete, asphalt and stone. With Passioneyes Limited deep cleaning expertise, we will ensure that your hard surfaces are brought back to life and the results we achieve will be unsurpassed.

Our vast experience, the unique chemical application we tailor to our clients’ requirement, and our specialist floor cleaning machines, mean that we have all the necessary tools to transform your car park. We will ensure the direct access roads and entrances are kept roadworthy by suitable snow clearance and ice control activities in such a way that no personal injury or damage to property occurs due to icy conditions.  

In addition to the aesthetic issues of not properly cleaning and maintaining a car park, oil and carbon monoxide penetration and a build-up of detritus can lead to long-term damage to the surface being caused. This in turn, can lead to reduced revenue, dissatisfied customers, a poor parking experience and a significantly reduced life expectancy for your car park.

The alternative of implementing a cost-effective cleaning and maintenance programme will save money and inconvenience in the long term. Again, this also drastically increases the longevity of the car park. 

Partnering with Passioneyes Limited for your parking lot cleaning will ensure that your car park is well-maintained and professionally deep cleaned. This, in turn, will help to ensure that our customers are left with a favourable impression of their environment and that the life span of their car park is prolonged.