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Keystone Resource COVID-19 Fog Fumigation

Keystone Resource is a dealer of PuriFog Hypo products. This product was developed by UR Fog S.r.l of Italy. The aerosol has been tested and verified by the Department of chemistry of the University of Turin – Italy. PuriFog Hypo is the strongest version in the PuriFog range. Developed using all the latest guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation, to combat the present pandemic of COVID-19. The fog formulation contains 0.5% sodium hypochlorite strong enough to disinfect all surfaces within a hospital including areas that have had blood and bodily fluid spills. The perfect solution to make sure your workplace is completely sanitised. 

PuriFog is a hygienist system designed for daily use, to clear the air of all micro particles including bacteria and viruses, the perfect addition to your daily sanitising process of your home or work space.

The PuriFog Hypo and PuriFog units come in a variety of sizes, and can be part of the sanitisation process for large warehouse spaces, smaller shop floor units, offices, or even public transport vehicles.

With deploying fog as its primary method of dispersal, and the small particle sizes achieved, the PuriFog Thermal-spray units are more than 1700 times more efficient than traditional spraying.

Interim Guidance

Approved by World Health Organisation and UNICEF

Water, sanitation, hygiene, and waste management for the COVID-19 virus.

Environmental Cleaning and Laundry Existing recommended cleaning and disinfection procedures for health-care fascilities should be followed consistently and correctly. 34 linen should be laundered and the surfaces where covid-19 patients receive care should be cleaned and disinfecected frequently atleast (Once in a Day), and after a patient is discharged. 23 many disinfectants are active against enveloped viruses, such as the COVID-19 virus including commonly-used hospitals disinfectants . Currently, WHO recommends using: 70% ethyl alcohol to disinfect small surface areas and equipments between uses, such as reusable dedicated equipment (for examples thermometers); sodium hypochlorite at 0.1% (1000ppm) for disinfecting surface35 and 0.5% (5000ppm) for disinfection of blood or body fluids spills in healthcare fascilities.

The PuriFog Hypo formulation follows the effectiveness indications issued by WHO and ISS that provide, for the effective treatment of surfaces in this pandemic. 

  • Purifog Hypo must not be breathed in therefore workspaces, homes and vehicles must be vacant while PuriFog Hypo is emitting fog and whilst the fog is present.
  • To emit the solution remotely in absence of people/animals.
  • Ensure all fog is condensed and gone before re-entering room (approximately 90 minutes). If required windows and doors can be opened to air the room. 

PuriFog Hypo

Solution to COVID-19

  • Solution created for the current COVID-19 pandemic in accordance with the international efficacy provisions of the World health Organisation WHO, containing 0.5% of sodium hypochlorite in the solution.
  • follow your standard cleaning procedure before use
  • Solution indicated for weekly use in low risk areas.
  • In high traffic areas where risk of infection is greater, daily use is recommended
  • Air cleaning and hygienising by dragging all micro particles to the surface.
  • It eliminates bad smells and leaves a pleasant scent in the rooms.
  • It Sanitises all surfaces, horizontal and vertical plus gets to areas other products cannot get.
  • leaves micro thick layer of Purifog Hypo on all surfaces for prolonged protection

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Data Sheet

Purifog Components

PuriFog is an innovative blend of alcohol, Dipropylene glycol, water and ammonium Quaternary salts designed to be sprayed exclusively through the patented fogging systems thermospray UR FOG.

The fog obtained through this spraying process thoroughly cleanses and makes hygienic all surfaces with which it comes into contact with an efficiency of more than 1700 times higher than a normal spray system. In fact, the size of the sprayed droplets, in the order of the micron, allows it to reach all possible cracks, corners and surfaces (even vertical) with a formidable cleansing and hygienising action.

This spraying process does not require the intervention of specialised operators.

PuriFog Hypo

Where does PuriFog Hypo sit in the Sanification process?

First complete your normal cleaning procedure to remove all debris from surfaces

It cleans and hygienises the air by depositing on the surface all the micro particles

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All areas other products cannot reach all in one action.

Purifog Hypo leaves micro thin layer on all surfaces for prolonged protection

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