What To Do Before My Cleaner Arrives

What To Do Before My Cleaner Arrives

One piece of advice you should heed is to do a bit of cleaning before your cleaner arrives. This sounds counterintuitive, but there’s a fine line between what house cleaning app services cover and what a homeowner can do to help.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to be clear about what you expect the cleaner to do while on the job. But to do that job, your home needs to be prepared so they can make the most of their appointment time.

The following are regular jobs you can expect your house cleaners to handle:

  • vacuum carpets
  • sweep floors
  • mop tile and hardwood floors
  • dust knick-knacks, furniture, and picture frames
  • scrub bathrooms
  • clean countertops
  • clean the exterior surfaces of all appliances

Basic cleanings usually do not include:

  • cleaning the inside of the refrigerator
  • washing dishes
  • wiping windowsills, blinds or moldings
  • cleaning up after pets (litter boxes, urine control, etc.)
  • doing laundry
  • changing bed sheets

However, these can typically be added as an extra service. In general, before your cleaner arrives you’ll need to do some organizing so they can clean the surfaces in your home with ease. If you’re thinking a cleaner will judge you for not cleaning up, don’t worry. Chances are they’ve probably seen worse.

Below we go through what you should do before your cleaner arrives, and how the Skep Home house cleaning app can make the process smoother.


Your cleaner is responsible for deep-cleaning the surfaces of your home, and not cleaning each item you own.

Tidying up your home and clearing it of clutter can help ensure they spend their time cleaning, and not organizing. By picking up after yourself, you can maximize their time and get the most of the service.

If there are smaller chores you don’t mind doing, such as making the bed, you can complete those before they come so they can get straight to deep cleaning. When you leave out stray clothes, pieces of paper, and other household items, the cleaner will be forced to clean around those items, or pick up each item, clean under it, and place it back in its spot. This doesn’t sound like much, but multiplied by your whole house, it can eat away at the hour or two that they have in your home.

you can choose the exact services you want to be included in the appointment. The standard cleaning is for a studio apartment with a bathroom, but you can add on as many bedrooms, bathrooms, and extra services, such as laundry, as you’d like. The price is automatically calculated for you, and changes depending on what you select. This is all done on the app in real-time so you’re able to get the most accurate price for your cleaning.  

By picking up your household items before the cleaner arrives, they can focus on the bigger tasks you want them to do such as cleaning the floors, vacuuming, or dusting furniture.


Part of picking up items around your house also means they’re less likely to be misplaced during a cleaning. Especially with a first time cleaning, it can be hard to determine which papers are important and which can be thrown away. And you wouldn’t want your cleaner to take a look at your papers and determine that for you.

It’s best to sort your papers yourself so you know nothing of value has a chance of being misplaced during a cleaning. Secure valuables such as jewelry, small electronics and loose cash, so those will remain unmoved as well.

You can designate a spot and keep all the possessions you don’t want to be cleaned there, or if the cleaner is going through the house and doesn’t know where something belongs they can place it there. Tell the cleaner they can ignore this pile so you know your valuables or hard to clean possessions won’t be moved around.


This depends both on your pet and the cleaner themselves, but it’s essential you let your cleaner know that you have a pet, and take appropriate actions beforehand.

If your pet is aggressive toward strangers, before the cleaning you will need to arrange for them to stay at a friend or family member’s house, or else book a grooming session for them. Another option is to put them in their crate or in a room so that the cleaner can move freely throughout your home.

With the Skep Home app, you can communicate directly with your cleaners and find out if they are OK with animals. This way you’ll be able to accurately gauge their comfort levels and eliminate stress about how they will react to your pet.


You know your home best, so you’ll need to make sure your cleaner is on the same page in terms of problem areas. Because you can message your cleaner individually on the Skep Home app, you’ll be able to make sure they get your instructions specific to your home. You can also tell them about any areas you’d like them to spend extra time cleaning.

It’s also a good idea to quickly check your home to make sure everything is in working order and there are no broken items. That way you’ll know for sure if a cleaner is responsible for a damaged item or if there were previous issues.


The bathroom counter, in particular, is often crowded with products, making it difficult to clean.

It’s best to clear the counters and place all your products in a basket, which can easily be stashed under the sink or in another room if needed. This gives the cleaner easy access to your counters and sinks so that they can deep clean them.  

The same goes for the kitchen as well. Doing dishes likely isn’t your favorite chore, but it’s one that must be done so the cleaner can properly cleanse your sinks. Load the dishwasher and clean your sink and counters of any leftover food to make their life easier.

You want your cleaner to do the “real” cleaning including floors, tubs, walls, tables, counters, and carpets. Clear these areas beforehand so they can properly attend to them. Plus, being accountable to your cleaner has the added benefit of keeping you organized as well.


Write out a list of what you’d like done in order of how important they are to you. Try to help out with anything at the bottom of the list so your cleaner spends their time working on your more demanding tasks.

With messaging on the Skep Home app, you can write out all your instructions so you don’t forget and send it directly to the cleaner. That way, even if directing people in person isn’t your strong suit, they’ll still be left with a list of tasks you’d like done so they’re making the most of your appointment.


Skep Home uses your cleaning products so there’s no risk of contamination. Also, you know which products you like best! If you have preferences or any allergies, please make sure to have the appropriate cleaning supplies on hand so your cleaner can get started right away.

Along with providing them with the right tools, give them a step stool so they can clean hard to reach places. Preparation is key so your cleaner is not left wasting time looking for tools to help them clean.


You’ve done all this prep before the cleaning, but don’t forget to let them in! It’s up to you if you prefer to stay during the cleaning, but if you need to head out that’s totally fine. Just make sure you give the proper instructions and keys to the cleaner. If you have a home security system, for example, they’ll need to know how to turn it off.

Skep Home’s house cleaning app has a GPS tracker so you can see your cleaner’s location on the map. If you won’t be home to greet them, you still have a way of seeing exactly when they arrive at your home.


The general practice is that cleaning companies do not require a tip, but individual cleaners do. Skep Home sends individual cleaners to homeowners in their area, so there is an overlap here, but fortunately, everything will already be taken care of before the cleaning. No cash is required for your cleaning. Simply pay directly on the app and it will be sent to the cleaner.


While tidying up before your cleaner arrives may not be what you signed up for when hiring a cleaning service, there are multiple reasons to do so. Having to clear the clutter from your home takes up valuable time that could be spent deep-cleaning larger items and surfaces in your home. By decluttering high traffic areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, as well as picking up around the house and designating a spot for misplaced items, you’re ensuring you receive the most value out of a cleaning service.

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